Clover Spa & Hotel


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Clover Spa & Hotel
759 Chester Road Birmingham
B24 0BY Birmingham
+44(0)121 350 6836
Lat: 52.533093
Long: -1.827580

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Opinions and experiences of visitors with Clover Spa & Hotel.

Been there in December. Though the weather was not warm, it was still an exceptionally cozy place. Sauna, spa, a hot tub outside in the courtyard. The courtyard is somewhat of a small park where one can walk or sunbathe naked when the weather permits (it was not our case, though). The hosts serve good food - eventually there's no point going shopping for food, so one can spend the whole stay naked.

The staff is very friendly. Clothed when on duty, otherwise naked as everyone else.
Vlad | 18-08-2014

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